Education: BFA in Graphic Design & MA in Theology

Work Experience: 4+ Years of Communication & Design

Currently Reading: Tiger Woods by J. Benedict & A. Keteyian

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

A Little more

I am a graphic designer specializing in typography and print design with 4+ years of professional experience.

Born and raised in Colorado, I headed north to wonderful, windy Wyoming, where I earned my BFA in graphic design.  While there, I learned the ins and outs of the Adobe Creative Suite, the beauty of smart conceptual design, and how to fall gracefully (or not so gracefully) while slipping on an icy sidewalk.

After graduating, I returned to my hometown to do communications and design for Nativity of Our Lord Parish and School.  Three enlightening and enjoyable years later, I got bit by the school bug and packed my bags for another cold W-state: Wisconsin.  There I received a Master’s degree in theology from Marquette University, a strong anti-trafficking conviction, and a love for that rising MU basketball team.  Missing those western skies, however, I returned to Colorado upon graduating, where I now work at Nativity once again as Director of Communications.

One common thread throughout my journey has been a passion for creating beautiful things that offer goodness and truth to the world.  I have an affinity for hands-on, tactile print design, and I love when my creations spread goodness, joy, and social change.

If you are in need of anything from a business logo to wedding invitations, or are interested in working with me in any capacity, check out my contact page!